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We believe that our team’s growth is the cornerstone of our clients’ success. We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who resonate with our core values of compassion, confidence, cognitive insight, competitive spirit, competence, and composure. If you’re passionate about financial planning and committed to making a positive difference, we invite you to explore a career with us. As part of our family, you’ll enjoy a collaborative environment that encourages innovation, professional development, and a shared mission to empower financial success.

Explore Your Potential: Our Success Mentorship program & Activities

Financial Consultant

Engage with clients to develop personalized financial plans, offering expert guidance on investments, insurance, and wealth management. Join a team that values innovation and client success.

Insurance Specialist

Collaborate with our trusted Life and GI partners to deliver comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to our clients' needs. Be part of a team that emphasizes integrity and client well-being.

Explore Your Potential: Our Success Mentorship program & Activities

Discover your potential with 6iX FINANCIAL through our Success Mentorship program. Our Success Mentorship program outlines the steps to professional growth, while our Activities highlight the engaging and collaborative culture we foster. Dive into these resources to envision your rewarding career journey with us.


Preparing new associates through training and mentorship is crucial for their success in their careers. By implementing these strategies, we invest our time and resources to create a robust training and mentorship program that equips our new advisors with the skills, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in their careers. Here are some steps and strategies you can consider:

Structured Onboarding

We have a well-defined onboarding program that introduces new advisors to 6iX Financial’s culture, values, policies, and procedures. This also include an overview of the organization’s goals, structure, and key team members.

Clear Expectations

We outline the job roles, responsibilities, and performance expectations clearly to help our new associates understand what is expected of them and what they need to focus on to excel in their roles.

Comprehensive Training

We provide comprehensive training that covers both technical skills and soft skills. This could involve classroom training, online courses, workshops, and hands-on practice. We tailor the training to the specific roles and responsibilities of the new advisors.

Our Mentorship Program

We have a mentorship program where our experienced advisors are paired with new associates. These mentors provide guidance, answer questions, offer insights, and share their experiences to help our new associates navigate challenges effectively.

Exposure for our New Associates

We give our new advisors the opportunity to work on the different aspects of the business or shadow our advisors for appointments. This broadens their understanding of how the business operates as a whole.

Adaptability to individual learning styles

We recognize that different individuals have different learning styles. Some may learn best through hands-on experience, while others may prefer more structured training, so we are flexible in accommodating various learning preferences.

We celebrate your achievements

We give importance to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our new advisors. An initiative to boost our new associates’ morale, reinforces positive behaviour and further enhance their performance.

Your Career Progression is our paramount importance!

We believe that your career progression is more than just climbing the ladder but it’s a journey of growth, fulfilment, and achieving your potential. impacts various aspects of your life, from personal development to financial well-being, and contributes to your overall sense of accomplishment and happiness.